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								         	Eleven years ago, when few people supported the snowboard industry, two friends decided to take a risk and go into business for themselves. Grant Wellington and his partner purchased equipment from a bankrupt snowboard manufacturer in Alberta and set out to make the "Best Boards in the Biz". Though they only produced a modest 300 boards their first season, Wellington planted the seed for Canada's most successful snowboard company. Over the following years, production increased exponentially and the company changed from 'Never' to 'Option'. In 1994, Wellington sought out businessman Geoff Power, to take over the company as President and CEO. Bringing with him a vast resource of knowledge in marketing and business management, Power quickly helped the company develop into the multi million-dollar corporation that it is today. With the acquisition of NFA (No Fixed Address) in 1997, Option expanded to incorporate the clothing industry.



  • 1101 William Street
    Vancouver British Columbia V6A 2J1