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At Rome we understand the way consumers are buying is changing. It is much different now than when we first started out back in 2001. Change happens all of the time and it demands that brands and retailers adapt and evolve. More and more often, consumers are electing to buy online. However, in this context, too many snowboard companies have been competing against specialty retail shops by cutting stores out of the online transaction, and this is NOT our idea of a good change for the industry.

% For Snowboarding is our solution to this change in the industry. It will allow riders to buy online from Rome, while standing by one of our most important core values: to support local snowboard shops in recognition of their massive importance to the health of snowboarding.

Dedicated and strong local snowboard shops are what make snowboarding vibrant in communities. Rome stands 100% by its retailers, products and consumers. Without these three things Rome would not be what it is today and we understand all three of these things hold equal weight. The % For Snowboarding platform will allow us to do this by giving a percent of every online sale back to a local snowboard shop.

When riders buy online from Rome, they will be supporting local snowboard shops.




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