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								         	Located in Orange County California, S&M Bikes was formed in 1987 as one of the first underground “rider owned” BMX bicycle manufacturers. Since the early days the company has grown to include product design, in-house manufacturing, sales, warehouse and shipping/receiving, marketing, web design and accounting. That being said, some things have never changed, like discussing new products or web-design in “board meetings” while skating the office bowl. Although primarily a bicycle company, our staff is made up of skaters, surfers, mountain bikers, motor-heads, punk-rockers, break dancers and good old fashioned hard working family people. After twenty years of doing business our way we are still privately owned and have no plans to change anytime soon. We are looking to hire energetic, enthusiastic, fun loving people that don’t mind working in a grungy Santa Ana office in T-shirts and jeans.




  • 1300 S. Lyon St.
    Santa Ana California 92705
    United States