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								         	prAna is an ancient Sanskrit word for breath, life and vitality of the spirit.  We are honored to borrow this word as our company name, as it lifts our aspirations and helps guide our actions towards a socially mindful and environmentally sustainable organization.

We started back in 1993 in Carlsbad, California and we continue to grow and resonate with like-minded people; climbers, surfers, athletes of all flavors, yogis, artists and free-spirited folks around the world.

Our apparel and accessories are thoughtfully designed and built to last, for sport, life, travel and adventure.  It is our hope that when people wear prAna, they can feel the intention and passion that is woven into everything we make and everything we do.



  • 3209 Lionshead Avenue
    Carlsbad California 92010
    United States