Coalision/Pull-In - Longueuil ,Quebec

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								         	Born for the fusion of the words "coalition" and "collision", Coalision reflecs perfectly the spirit that lives within our company : a strong coalition of souls that comes from the healthy collision of ideas. Our young and dynamic team brings together individuals from different horizons in a stimulating and lively environnement. At Coalision, everything is done to stimulate innovation and contribute to the evolution of progressive sportswear. 
Coalision owns and manages the following brands : Orage, Siver Cartel, Lolë, and Pull-In. The company has more than 500 retailers across Canada, the United States and soon Europe and Asia.
The international headquarter is based south of Montreal in Longueuil, Quebec, Canada. The US office is located in Burlington, Vermont and the european office is situated in Munich, Germany. 




  • 619 Le Breton
    Longueuil Quebec J4G 1R9