Vittoria Industries North America (VINA)

Vittoria Industries North America (VINA) - Oklahoma City ,Oklahoma

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								         	Vittoria manufactures and commercializes tires, tubulars, and inner tubes for bicycles.  The Group owns the ‘Vittoria’ brand for road, mountain bike and gravel tires, and distribute third-party manufactured bicycle accessories all over the world.
OUR BELIEF: Cycling can take us to places we've never been before.
As a child, cycling is our first taste of real freedom. And that first ride can lead us to some amazing places. Physically and emotionally. A lifetime of experiences – discoveries about ourselves and the world around us. 
Cyclists are always looking for the next incredible experience. The next ride, location, discovery. The next improvement in performance – however marginal. By taking tire innovation to the next level, Vittoria is on that journey too. Our search for new materials, designs, products, and even categories is relentless. Because there's a world of possibilities on the horizon



  • 1639 W. Sheridan Ave
    Oklahoma City Oklahoma 7106
    United States