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								         	At HBSuper by Hoodiebuddie, we create high quality hoodies to travel the world. Founded 5 years ago, we have shipped over 14 million units. We are based in Van Nuys, CA with offices in Shanghai, New York, and Orlando. Our entire line features machine washable, built-in head phones and other technologies sewn-into deluxe hoodies, jackets, tees and tank tops that will help keep you listening while you check out the surf,  snowboard,  skate, work out, commute, etc. 

Please check out our latest videos, look book and media kit:

AW' 14 Hbsuper look book : http://www.hoodiebuddie.com/AW14/AW14_LIFESTYLE_LBOOK.pdf
AW' 14 Hbsuper lifestyle video : http://www.hoodiebuddie.com/AW14/AW14_LIFESTYLE_VID.mov
AW' 14 SuperSport look book : http://www.hoodiebuddie.com/AW14/AW14_ACTIVE_LBOOK.pdf
AW' 14 SuperSport lifestyle video : http://www.hoodiebuddie.com/AW14/AW14_ACTIVE_VID.mov

Media link: http://www.hoodiebuddie.com/index.php?page_id=1822).




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    Van Nuys California 91402
    United States