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								         	Fin-S (fi-ness) - noun: refinement or delicacy in action, performance and skill.
The Fin-S system was conceived from a desire and a need for an easy-to-use fin system that also enhances the surfboard’s performance.
Fin-S accomplished these objectives through years of research, development and testing on the best waves worldwide.

We, like most surfers and shapers, recognize the pitfalls of traditional fin systems, including stripped fin keys and screws, lost fins as a result of improper fastening, and the inconvenience and wasted time associated with systems that require the use of tools and screws.

Fin-S has eliminated these issues with a keyless spring-loaded system that allows you to change your fins in seconds and do more of what you really want to do -- surf.

Always remember one thing about Fin-S -- Don’t Screw With Us.



  • 919 Foxpointe Cir
    Delray Beach Florida 33445
    United States