Epiklo - Guatemala City ,Guatemala

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Vertically integrated knit apparel manufacturer in CAFTA region.

Specialty: Performance knit fabrics. Fleece, Jersey, Interlock. Polyester, Cotton, Spandex, Triblends. Over 8,000 different fabrics in library.

Capacity: 2,000,000 garments per month.

Mission Statement: Give customers a unique shopping experience by offering product that is innovative, fashionable and desirable yet affordable. By designing product features and production methods simultaneously we cut development lead times and offer product in the market that follows time sensitive trends with a lower total cost than our competition. We are imaginative and innovative not only in regards to the materials we use, the decorating techniques and or the garment construction, but also the processes with which they will be developed and manufactured.




  • 17 ave 40-76 zona 12
    Guatemala City Guatemala 01012