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								         	Bliss Protection was founded in 2006 by Matthias Ascherl and his crew. The guys at Bliss - all enthusiastic mountain bikers, skiers and snowboarders - were not satisfied with the current body armor at the market. Every product was - or even still is - too bulky and makes you look like a 'Robo-Cop“. It was time to do something new, something different, something better! Bliss Protection is known as a riders brand with the mentality that comes along with it. Constantly thinking outside the box is the daily grind at Bliss. Athletes want thinner, more flexible, lighter and even more breathable protection, so they can ride longer and have more fun and comfort. There was nothing available in the shops, so Ascherl and crew started their own protection company. This was the day Bliss was born like a phoenix from the ashes. Making your ride more joyful is what drives us, what we have in common and what we stand for.



  • 1255 19th Street
    Hermosa Beach California 90254
    United States