Collision and Injury Dynamics, Inc.

Collision and Injury Dynamics, Inc. - El Segundo ,California

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								         	Collision and Injury Dynamics, Inc. (CID) is a forensic engineering firm performing vehicular accident reconstruction and biomechanical analysis for municipalities, government agencies, manufacturers, insurance companies, attorneys, and any other entities seeking independent evaluation.

Our professional team of engineers and consultants specialize in passenger and commercial vehicles, trucks, motorcycles, automotive systems, bicycles, biomechanics, protective headgear, and human injuries.

Using the latest technologies as in-vehicle data recorders, high-speed video and computer reconstruction and simulation, we solve complex problems, support data analysis, and have consulted and testified throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe and the Middle East.

Whether in the courtroom, the laboratory, or in the field, our clients find our services unmatched by any other firm!



  • 149 Sheldon Street
    El Segundo California 90245
    United States