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We want to experience the best of being outside. 

Facing unpredictable elements.
Testing our endurance.
Embracing the excitement of a new adventure. 
All choices. All decisions. We believe everyone's adventure is a choice — and that each one of us experiences the outdoors differently. 

When it comes to clothing that enhances our experience of being outdoors, that choice matters. It often felt like we were buying apparel that was made for someone else. We yearned for something completely different. We wanted a fusion of performance, comfort, features, and uncompromising design that fit our idea of the outdoor experience. We set our minds to crafting a brand that embodies that independence. 

Our name, Terracea, captures our relentless pursuit of performance, comfort, and dependability. We’re determined to challenge what you’ve come to expect from outdoor apparel. Terracea exists to inspire you to choose a path that defies expectations.

TL:DR - Terracea designs apparel built to push personal and technical boundaries.




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