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Skida Joins Forces with White Cloud Communication Team

May 18, 2017

Skida, a Vermont-based and ski-inspired headwear and accessories brand, announced today its partnership with White Cloud Communication, a boutique communication firm specializing in active lifestyle, outdoors, adventure and winter sports, to manage its public relations and communication strategy.

Skida Founder, Corinne Prevot started the brand in 2008 as a high school nordic ski racer at Burke Mountain Academy. She maintained and grew the business through her four years at Middlebury College before establishing its headquarters in Burlington, VT. Skida’s roots in the ski community inspired the brand’s leading category, the Vermont Collection, which is defined by colorful, limited edition prints for women, men and kids and is 100% produced by local seamstresses.

Skida’s partnership with White Cloud Communication is a vehicle to continually share the good word of the brand encouraging local production and fresh new prints to match an active, playful lifestyle. White Cloud will support the brand’s venture to grow the Cashmere Collection, a thoughtful line of luxury Cashmere accessories sourced by well-run, ethical and small-scale factories in Nepal with which Prevot has established personal relationships to ensure fair trade and support of local craftsman.

“I’m proud of where Skida has come and where we are going. We would never be where we are without support of our local community and friends around the globe,” said Prevot. “We are really excited to team up and move forward with the women at White Cloud Communication. It is a natural fit, they speak the same language, share the same passions, and have the vision to help us grow and spread the Skida love.”

White Cloud Communication is equally, if not more excited to kick off the partnership with Skida.

“With a line of beautifully designed and passion-driven products combined with its dedication to doing things the right way, we believe in Skida and what it stands for to its core. “ says White Cloud Founder, Cassie Abel. “Beyond the fact that our teams share the same values and passions in work and play, it’s near impossible to find any of us on the mountain without our Skida gear on any given day, making us perfectly equipped to spread Skida love near and far. ”