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New Malakye Site Goes Live

July 1, 2004

Two years of steady growth and close monitoring of the website’s effectiveness lead to this revision.  The new version of is developed and designed to make the site faster, easier to use, and more effective for job seekers and companies. now features three new sections of content: Company Q&A, Resume Craft, and the Industrial Profile.  As well as improved job seeker and company account interfaces. 

Landing interviews and jobs can be challenging.  The Company Q&A section features Question & Answer sessions with employers that advertise job opportunities on Malakye.  These Q&A sessions provide information about what a company looks for in first-impressions of a resume, hiring process, what to expect in an interview, what not to do, how to increase chances of landing a job, and more.

The Resume Craft section will cover everything from effective resume submissions through Malakye to building an overall productive job search strategy. As the Resume Craft section grows it will provide job seekers with tools to have a more productive and effective job search. 

The Industrial Profile is a monthly interview series of people who work in the industry.  People interviewed cover a wide range of career level and profession.  Industrial Profiles bring out the unique aspects of working in this industry, cover some pretty interesting details and are a fun read every month.’s new resume account sign-up and User Interface makes the sign up process easier, and aids job seekers in ensuring their details & resume formatting represent them in the best possible way. 

Companies that use Malakye for the first time will enjoy a simplified sign-up process and can post job opportunities or search the resume database within minutes of typing http://www.malakye.cominto a web browser.  An easier-to-use account interface produces faster resume database search results, job postings, job posting performance statistics, and more. 

Another new company resource is just around the corner. would like to express its gratitude to those companies and job seekers that helped make the site a success over the past two years.  Visit to see first-hand how Malakye can benefit you or your organization!