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Crowd-Funded: Life After X - Ex Pro Wakeboarder Barrett Perlman Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for Upcoming Action Sports Documentary

July 27, 2017

Life After X - IndieGoGo from Barrett Perlman on Vimeo.


Ex pro wakeboarder, Barrett Perlman, has recently launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for her new action sports documentary, Life
After X . The film unveils the stories of the best action sports athletes on the planet as they
confess the good, the bad, and the ugly of their industry and life after living under the spotlight
of fame and glory. In order to illustrate how the athletes are where they are today, Life After X
takes a bold look at how the action sports industry has evolved since its heyday in the late 90s
and early 2000s.

Perlman, the executive producer and director, says, “As a female filmmaker and former top
professional wakeboarder, I’m in a unique position to be able to tell this story about the action
sports industry. I know this story because I’ve lived it.” Since wakeboarding, Perlman
transitioned into a career as a television and digital producer. She has worked for some of the
biggest names in entertainment including MTV, FOX, CNBC, Snapchat, and more.
Through her own experience and interviews with top athletes including Travis Pastrana, Parks
Bonifay, Andy Finch, Chad Kagy, Eddie Wall, Chris Pastras and many more, Perlman is
bringing to light the differences between retiring as an action sports pro versus a team sports or
“mainstream” pro, what mental blocks they struggle with, and the real-world challenges they
have to surmount.

Media coverage, consumption, and in some cases, participation, have declined over the past
decade and Perlman is on a mission to unearth why. The Life After X team has already faced
pushback from several major companies in the industry who don’t want to admit or cover this
decline. That’s all the more reason to tell this story.

This month, Life After X launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo because Perlman
needs help to continue filming this documentary. Production has halted halfway through filming
because of a lack of funds. “It’s not that we planned poorly with our money, because we didn’t,”
says Perlman. “A financier backed out at the last second and some of that money had even
already been spent. That left us without the means to continue with many of the interviews that
still need to be filmed.” So Perlman and her team are turning to crowdfunding to help raise
money to get them through production.

“What's so great about crowdfunding is the sense of community it evokes. All of my favorite
action sports industries are coming together to help with this project,” says Perlman on choosing
crowdfunding for over traditional financing. “Plus, when every person who believes in the project
donates even the smallest amount, that adds up! Hence how a crowd is able to impact the
budget of a project like this.”

You can check out and contribute to Life After X on Indiegogo at: . You
can also follow Life After X on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using @lifeafterx.
MOXIE THEORY ENTERTAINMENT is a full-service production company owned by Barrett
Perlman and specializes in creating action focused content with driving stories for TV and digital
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