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Honolua Surf Co. - Tom Gudauskas joins

August 3, 2004

Irvine, CA – August 3, 2004 – Honolua Surf Co., an island waterman inspired brand that celebrates the culture of people who have built a lifestyle surrounded by the ocean and all it has to offer, is proud to welcome Tom Gudauskas to its team of watermen.

Tom’s love for the ocean started at a young age. He fished off the Santa Monica Pier when he was 10 and became immersed in the ocean. In the 60s he watched and learned from watermen such as Pete Peterson. Whenever Tom could hitch a ride to Malibu the best days at the point were inspired by Dora, Fain and a young buck named Buzz Sutphin. As important as surfing became in his life, the respect of all aspects of the ocean evolved into a love of sailing, fishing, boating and diving.

"Honolua Surf Co. is honored to have Tom join our team of watermen," said Pat Fraley brand director for Honolua Surf Co. "With Tom’s commitment to surfing and respect for the ocean, he is the perfect fit for the team."

Having spent 25 years in the surf industry with a successful sales career where Tom worked on the development of surf companies such as Local Motion, Reef Brazil, Rip Curl, Ocean Minded, and Op Classics, he is no stranger to the surf world and has a passion for all the ocean has to offer to back up his solid experience. He also owned his own surf shop, Ocean Show in the late 70s and understands the retailer’s perspective. With that understanding he has built relationships with the best stores in the world based on integrity, honesty and a commitment to the success of retailers and wholesale companies he has worked with.

"With Eric Diamond and Pat Fraley, we have an incredible team which will create product that will reach beyond the rebellion of the teenage years, and provide a sanctuary for those surfers and waterman looking for a tasteful mixture of function and style," said Tom.

Tom’s commitment to surfing has carried into a future generation of watermen. With his wife Nancy, they have raised three sons in the ocean from an early age, and now share a passion, which pervades all areas of ocean culture. Dane, Patrick and Tanner have been successful in competitive surfing, but still grab the kayaks, Hawaiian slings and dive masks, to paddle out to local reefs with their dad. "The ocean is a magnificent place for learning, and the lessons we learn there, carry us through our lives, " said Tom.

Tom is inspired by Honolua Bay. When twins Dane and Patrick were 10-years old, the family went on surfari to the island of Maui. Their discovery of Honolua left indelible impressions of crystal clear water, perfect waves and reefs teaming with colorful fish.

Living Honolua is living the dream. Tom’s goal is to bring the finest performing clothing and products to the waterman pursuing his dream.