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Split Clothing announces the appointment of Shaun Burrell as Surf Marketing Manager

October 19, 2004

Split Clothing announces the appointment of Shaun Burrell as Surf Marketing Manager.

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA, October 19th, 2004
David Patri, Co-Owner and Marketing Director of Split Inc., today announced the appointment of Shaun Burrell to the position of Surf Marketing Manager for Split and Paul Malina promoted to Marketing Manager.

Mr Burrell has been involved in the surf industry for years. He grew up as a competitor in the sport and worked for Globe USA as Team Manager 2002-2003. Shaun still competes world wide today and has numerous contacts in the industry.

“Shaun has the experience to get the job done and being a rider himself has the respect of the team” stated David Patri. "Shaun has been a great surf team member for Split and he has the attitude and know-how to bring the Split surf team to the next level, we're all glad to have him here" said Marketing Manager Paul Malina.

Shaun will join the rest of the Split team at the new corporate headquarters in Irvine. He will report to Paul Malina Marketing Manager.

Split Surf Team:
Shea Lopez
MIkala Jones
Carlos Cabrero
Brett Schwartz
Luke Ditella

About Split :
In 1988 split was born much like a lot of companies are. There was a garage, some guys who couldn’t be bothered working for anyone else, nothing but t-shirts, some bad haircuts and a three-day workweek. Since then Split has turned into a major fashion label catering to people just like it’s founders.

Split, based in Southern California has a full line of progressive, cutting edge men’s and women’s apparel. Split also has licensees in Canada, Europe, and Japan as well as distribution in many other countries around the world. Split is a global brand with consistent marketing and brand image. As a cross boardsport brand Split will continue to emphasize the relationship between lifestyle and action sports as we have from the beginning.