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Fast Five - Arcade Belt Co.

November 27, 2018

Arcade Belt Co. was founded by three friends back in 2010 and the company has consistently grown over the last 8 years. Check out this Fast Five to learn more. We’re stoked they’re here and hope you are too.

Arcade Belt Co. (

Founded By: Tristan Queen, Cody Townsend, David Bronkie
When: First product was delivered in 2010

Original idea behind it: “Make a belt that’s better for going outside, and better for us skiers, surfers, and climbers in Tahoe, who are constantly getting out there.” Interview excerpt with Cody Townsend on

Product line & growth: Started with Adventure belts and over the years the line has grown to include: Futureweave Belts, Utility Belts, Utility Slim, Smartweave Belts, and….Suspenders!

Where’s the company headed: product line expansion, strategic collaborations, new markets through athlete sponsorship all appear to be key ingredients to continuing to grow.

Location: The corporate headquarters is located in the mountain paradise of Olympic Valley, next to Squaw Valley and the entire oasis of the Lake Tahoe area.
What makes it a great opportunity: It’s a young and growing company located in an amazing part of the country and earth, with a strong founding team, and a place where you can advance your career. Are you kidding? Work in paradise in a career level position and get better at what you do?

You can sign up now because they’re looking for:

Operations Coordinator
Product Development Manager