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Fast Five - Sun Bum

August 19, 2019

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Every so often you spot a rocket with a brand tied on heading into outer space. Blowing up in the best way. Sun Bum is on the rocket. The company was launched at Surf Expo in 2010 and showed up on Malakye at the same time looking for Independent Sales Reps. Today you can find it everywhere. It’s been an impressive 10 year run for Sun Bum and it looks like there’s a lot of road ahead.

1. Sun Bum was founded in 2010 out of Coco Beach, Florida by Tom Rinks and at least one other person (possibly Brian Van Dommelen – he’s been there since day 1).

2. Sun Bum opened an office in the heart of Encinitas, which is the epitome of a surf town you want to live in. The company also still operates out of its original headquarters in Coco Beach, Florida.

3. Neff founder, Shaun Neff, made an investment into Sun Bum.

4. The company has been on a hiring spree for jobs across all departments including design, digital, Ecomm, marketing, customer service, and accounting. And it looks like the hiring will continue.

5. With the wide distribution of Sun Bum’s products and significant hiring activity this company is one to watch. And if you get the chance to call either HQ your new work home, take it!