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Fast Five - Lynkem

September 24, 2019

Lynkem is working to bridge the advertising / promotions gap between brands and retailers. The company has come up with a solution that makes it very easy for a brand to create social sharing content & promotions, and then make that content available to all of the brand’s retailers in a geographic area so the retailer can easily share that promotion through it’s social channels. Pretty cool, right? Lynkem has some notable names on board and we’re going to learn a little more about the company in this Fast Five.

1. Lynkem was founded in 2016 with the development of a software platform to dramatically reduce the complexity and costs associated with brand / seller collaboration and promotional efforts.

2. The Lynkem platform gives brands a 3-step, really easy to use, content sharing function so the brand’s retailers can pick up and share bad-ass social content from the brand.

3. Lynkem’s technology makes it so social sharing can be organic as well as integrated paid advertising campaigns to make it easy to reach beyond a retailer’s follower base.

4. The Lynkem team owns 30+ years of software development experience and 10+ years of digital marketing experience.

5. Lynkem is looking into developing tools for the platform that include business operations functions, sales support, order management, and more.

Check out Lynkem's National Account Manager ad and apply to help them grow the business.

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