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Skateboarders Reform The Norm

October 9, 2019

Skateboarding is just one of the awesome lifestyles that brought us to this platform. It is a vehicle for fun, community building, and, perhaps most importantly, self-improvement. Those who surf or snowboard may be familiar with the process, but skateboarding teaches the perseverance & determination that is so useful in life off the board.

This isn’t news to most of us by now, but it remains pertinent that skateboarding has affected millions. Of those participants, many of them are working on great things within and outside of the skate bubble. It is becoming more and more common to see skateboarders exploring interests and ambitions outside of skateboarding, setting a new precedent of skaters taking ownership of the world around them.

Historically, higher education has been the typical path to success. Although there are many more paths to a rewarding life, it is crucial to recognize the cultural and professional significance of a college degree. We’re stoked to see more skaters redefining “cool” and going to school to support their passions & build their careers. Skateboarders are neuroscientists and marketing directors; they are skate team managers and architects. The world is so large and full of opportunity, and those who ride a skateboard should absolutely be included in that.

It has been exciting to see the rise of this movement, particularly through CSEF (the College Skateboarding Educational Foundation). Skateboarders pursuing an education to accomplish their long-term goals are applying for scholarships from CSEF’s fund, and there are many more clearly deserving candidates that CSEF cannot support (so far). With 400 applicants and counting, 25% of those are truly special people with a financial need, giving back to their communities and getting good grades all the while.

It is inspiring to see skateboarders chipping away at creating the lives they want to live and skating through it all. And it is equally inspiring to see where it grows from here. CSEF [ a California-based 501(c)(3)] has a 100% volunteer Board of Directors and appreciates every donation which helps them continue their growth to support even more exceptional skateboarders.