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Fast Five – Cooper Chapman and The Good Human Factory

November 25, 2019

Bringing mental health out of the closet is like inviting the 800 pound gorilla to Thanksgiving dinner – people are going to take notice. It’s a topic that is often shunned, skirted, and avoided because it is a tough one to address. But bringing it into the light can be a life-changer (save a life) for those who suffer from a distressed state of mind and all that comes with that. Cooper Chapman, a young professional surfer from North Narrabeen Australia (Sydney Area) took initiative to create The Good Human Factory – not a typical endeavor to take on for a professional surfer at the beginning of his career. 

1. Cooper Chapman competes on the World Qualifying Series and is working to make the Championship Tour.

2. Cooper was exposed to the dangers of mental health problems when his younger sister lost two friends suicide within weeks, he lost an uncle to suicide as a child, and his dad had bouts with depression.

3. After looking into the problem more within his local community he made a decision to take his natural gifts as a person, combined with what he’s learned through the mental strength training that comes with being a professional athlete and create The Good Human Factory.

4. In March 2019, he founded The Good Human Factory with an aim to “build mental reliance” and “educate and inspire the youth to be good humans. Because we can all be a little kinder and a little more of a good human if we work on it every day.”

5. Cooper and his Good Human Factory will work to promote good mental health and well being through schools, athletic clubs, and within the community to help people realize they’re not alone and challenges can be worked through, and the other side is reachable.

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