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SKYlights Podcast Releases Three-Part Meditation Series

November 26, 2019

Thirty-five minutes of guided meditation to help reduce stress during the holiday season 

Durango, Colo. (November 26, 2019) – Open Sky, a wilderness therapy program nestled in the mountains of southwest Colorado and the canyonlands of southeast Utah, has released a guided meditation series to help mitigate holiday stress. The series is made up of three episodes from its SKYlights podcast, which includes a 5-minute, 10-minute and 20-minute guided meditation, led by Family Wellness Counselor Norman Elizondo.

At Open Sky, meditation is taught as a means to assist students in becoming healthier by invoking a sense of calm and reducing stress. Research also shows that meditation is effective at supporting individuals with a variety of mental and physical health issues including anxiety, depression, stress management, drug abuse/addiction, and interpersonal relationship distress. Additionally, several positive physiological effects occur in the body during a meditation session which can reduce stress, and enable individuals to think more clearly and thereby make better choices. Listeners will receive practical instruction and techniques for how to practice meditation and learn:

? How to use the senses and posture of the body to come into the present moment
? How to train yourself to mentally label and disrupt repetitive thinking
? How to find calm and focus through purposeful breathing
? How to rewire your brain and nervous system for greater emotional resilience

Norman was the very first field guide for Open Sky, receiving his first student in May of 2006. Meditation has always been a cornerstone of Norman’s life and his years of practice deeply influence his ability to work with people in crisis and to train others how to develop their emotional resilience to work with challenging populations. Norman practiced in the Southeast Asian Theravada tradition beginning in 1995 and has been studying and training as a meditation instructor in the Tibetan tradition since 2001. He is a certified meditation teacher with the Dharma Ocean Foundation. As part of his commitment and ongoing training in meditation, Norman spends 4-6 weeks each year at retreats, along with his daily practice.