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Fast Five - Grand Voyage

December 9, 2019

Grand Voyage is an appropriate name for a company founded by person who embarked on a career in footwear and manages to continuously evolve with time to stay in the footwear business. For those who are fortunate enough to maintain a life and career in the footwear industry this will be an inspiring Fast Five. For those who are new, it’s worth taking note continued success in different forms is possible. Check it out.

1. Grand Voyage was founded in 2016 and brought to you by Robert Nand who co-founded Creative Recreation after leaving his position at Vans.

2. One of Grand Voyage’s founding principles is to “remove the barrier to luxury by partnering with the same factories in Italy that manufacture Chanel and Christian Louboutin, we maintain the same degree of quality, but cut out all of the unnecessary costs involved with traditional retail.”

3. The current line includes Men’s’ low / mid / high sneakers, drivers, dress shoes and boots.

4. Grand Voyage was founded on a Direct-to-Consumer model and made 99 pair of each colorway in the line for the first season launch. They also made it risk free for people to become customers by offering free returns and exchanges.

5. The company is headquartered in Los Angeles and has backend support from the Golden Circle Group