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Fast Five - Healthy Ways to Pass Time

March 31, 2020

The days are long and years are short. We’re in the middle of some long days right now. This won’t last forever, but it will last for a while. Keeping a healthy mind and body will help ease the passing of time. Here are some ideas to consider on ways to pass time.

1. Exercise. Of some sort. Whatever you can get yourself do. It will get your brain firing, endorphins flowing, and spur healthy ideas and thinking.

2. Do something to keep your mind sharp.  Make a list of three things that require mental discipline to do and do them. Don’t make it too hard though. Make it easy enough to do. Here’s my list:

A. Write an inspiring article for the newsletter
B. Contact that new email service provider to get pricing and start getting set up for when the world opens back up
C. Review the salary survey you’re building to make sure you’re asking the right questions

3. Watch something inspiring.  I’m really into documentaries about people who overcome the odds to do something great. Stories with a happy outcome help me stay inspired and positive.

4. Reach out to someone for a meaningful conversation.  Talking with a good friend that you haven’t heard from for a while can fill you with warm n’ fuzzies that will last for a while.

5. Cook at home.  It’s intellectually engaging and meditative. Think of something that tastes good to you and try to make it. If it sucks, order take out from your favorite local restaurant.

6. Thinks about what’s next.  A current favorite saying of mine is, “look forward, not down.” Let yourself dream a little about what’s next and what things could look like. It’s a nice way to let go of the confines of today.