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Run A Socially Distanced Marathon, 5K, or 10K on April 25th

April 14, 2020

You can participate in a Socially Distanced Marathon, 5K, or 10K. Brandon Mumgaard, a man training for a marathon in Nashville that was canceled, came up with the idea to create a socially distanced marathon. His training won’t go to waste, spirits will remain high, other people can participate, and a donation opportunity to first-responders was created. Writing that and thinking about it is a feel-good moment – hope it is for you too.

A good friend of Malakye, Ashton Maxfield from Master Plan Communications, is managing the event and can help you participate.

Participation is easy. All you need to do is establish your 26.2 mile track, NOT invite your friends to join you, and get in touch with them. In addition to the marathon course, you can create a social distancing 5k, 10k and half-marathon that anyone can participate in for free.

Check out the additional details below and to register for the race or ask questions, email:

How cool is this? We will post the results after it happens.

Full Press Release:


April 8, 2020 (Garden City, KS) – After the marathon a Kansas man had been training for was cancelled, he took positive action by creating the Social Distancing race that will be held in Garden City, Kansas on April 25, 2020. Brandon Mumgaard published the 26.2-mile marathon course online, made t-shirts and is encouraging others to join in by running the course on their own at a safe social distance. In addition to the marathon course, there will be a social distancing 5k, 10k and half-marathon that anyone can participate in for free.

Mumgaard is a running enthusiast that successfully completed the 2018 Prairie Fire Marathon in Wichita, KS and the 2017 Lincoln Marathon in Lincoln, NE. He was registered to run the Nashville, TN Rock ‘N Roll Marathon on April 25, until it was postponed.

“I was training daily to run the best marathon of my life in Nashville, and after it was postponed, I didn’t want to quit! I created the Social Distancing Race and kept going,” said Brandon Mumgaard. “I want to encourage everyone to stay positive and keep moving forward during these unprecedented times. I invite anyone interested to run the Social Distancing Race in the 5k, 10k, half or full marathon format. Let’s stay active and positive, Kansas!”

In compliance with Governor Laura Kelly’s Executive Orders to fight COVID-19, the Kansas Social Distancing Race, is an independent road race created to encourage healthy exercise, getting outside and safely social distancing during this pandemic. Those interested in running the race should email to register. Runners will complete the race independently at a safe social distance and submit their times to the organizers to be recognized.

The map and race details will be available soon at: