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HARO Bikes Reissues First Generation Limited Edition Series

April 14, 2020

Haro Bikes has released the virtual premiere of the Haro First Generation video featuring Bob Haro, founder of Haro Designs. At the center of the story, we celebrate a prolific era of product development at Haro Designs.

In the Spring of 1984, Bob Haro launched two game-changing freestyle bike models: The Haro Sport, the first dedicated vert bike, and the Haro Master, which set the standard in BMX Freestyle for over a decade. Haro legend Mike Dominguez recalls the impact of several factors that combined to energize a prolific year of growth, including the memorable King of the Skate Parks contest series, and the cultural transition from trick shows and bike shop demos to the birth of a modern action sport. Through new interviews, archive imagery, and era-footage, we take a deeper dive into the rise of BMX Freestyle during the pivotal period.

To commemorate this event over 35 years ago, Haro is remanufacturing these two prolific models in Santa Ana, California for sale through Haro dealers worldwide. Using locally sourced raw materials and era-correct manufacturing techniques, the First Generation Bob Haro Master and Mike Dominguez Signature Haro Sport are certain to become instant collector’s items. Both frame packages will retail for $999.99.

The Bob Haro Master and the Mike Dominguez Sport framesets will be available starting in May and will include the frame, fork, and a unique jersey inside a special box. There will be only 200 produced and all will be signed by Bob Haro himself.