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What to Look for When Searching for a Job


When looking for a job, many people go about it the wrong way. They browse all the listings that they can, and then apply to everything. This is usually a very ineffective way of finding employment. Even if it does work, there is a good chance that you won’t end up getting the kind of job that you’ll be happy with long term. If you’re on the market for employment, make sure you keep the following in mind.

Opportunities for Growth

Don’t sell yourself short by giving your time to a job that isn’t going to go anywhere. Even if the pay is good, there is something disheartening about working in the same position for years and years without a promotion. Employees need a chance to grow. So, how do you tell if there are opportunities for growth?

First, consider the size of the company. If it’s a small company, you won’t grow unless the company grows. You can get an idea of the company’s growth potential by analyzing its market, past growth, and competitors. If the company does grow, you will benefit greatly from being an original member.

Second, consider the structure of the company. You’re not going to learn the skills of an accountant in the mail room. If you want to move up in a company, you need to ask what promotions are available from your starting position.


Your pay isn’t everything. You want to take a good look at the benefits package as well. The benefits package doesn’t directly put money into your pocket. Instead it generally takes care of expenses that you would otherwise have to pay on your own. Benefits packages can range from just basic health care to comprehensive health care with retirement assistance, pensions, bonuses and more. Some companies offer health-related benefits to help you stay in shape. You may be better off with a lower paying job if the benefits package is worth more.


The most important factor in your job will be the company culture. For most people, no amount of pay can justify spending most of their lives in a miserable toxic atmosphere. It is very important that you investigate the culture of a company before accepting a job. Recognize that you won’t get your best information from company recruiters. Instead, ask the recruiters for the contact information of employees working in a similar position. Ask these employees about the things that they like or dislike about the company. Ask questions like, “Why do you stay at this company?,” and “What was your best and worst experience here?” Questions like that will highlight how company culture will affect your work life.

If you are going to take a full-time job working 40 hours a week, you will be spending approximately 1/3 of your waking hours at your job. As such, it’s important that you are getting the compensation you deserve and that you are having a positive experience. When you find the right job for you, it will hardly even feel like work.

Finding a good job starts with good networking. Find some great connections here!