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How to Maintain Your Physical Health While Working a Career Job


It can be difficult maintaining your physical health while working a career job, especially if it requires hours sitting in meetings or at a computer. However, here are a couple of things you can start doing today to improve your health while at work.

Avoid Junk Food

Junk food mixed with a sedentary lifestyle can be the biggest weight-gain culprit—and, not to mention, it is terrible for your health. This is especially true if you work at an office that constantly supplies soda, candy, and unhealthy snacks.

One of the easiest ways to avoid junk food at work is to pack a healthy lunch. If you feel like you don’t have time to constantly be making lunch, establish a meal plan and make all your lunches in bulk on the weekend. Another way to avoid junk food is to bring your own healthy snacks to work. That way, you can enjoy trail mix instead of cookies when you get a craving for sweets, or hummus and carrots instead of potato chips when you need a salty munch.

Join a Gym

As said before, an unhealthy diet with little to no physical activity is killer on your health. And while many wish they could be more active, maintaining daily exercise can be a hassle if you feel unmotivated, tired, or too busy.

One way to increase your motivation to exercise is to get a gym membership. Often, leaving the house to join a fitness class or gym helps you feel more committed to a healthier life. You should do various workouts and not focus too much on one muscle group to get the most out of your gym membership. Some companies even supply their employees with a gym on campus. If this is the case for you, be sure to take advantage of this health benefit.

Set Reminders on Your Phone

One of the best ways to increase activity is to get a health app to remind you frequently to do something active during the day. If you don’t have a health app, you can always set hourly reminders on your phone. Whenever the reminder goes off, do something simple and active for two minutes, whether it be push-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, or walking around the office.

Staying active and physically healthy while working a career job can feel impossible. But it really isn’t. If you follow each of these guidelines, you are sure to feel happier, more energetic, and healthier in your daily working life.

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