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Skateboard Brands Hopeful for 2021 Olympic Games Debut Amidst Corona-virus Fallout

May 28, 2020

LOS ANGELES, CA (5/28/20) – TITAN Skateboard Tools are just one of many start-up skateboard brands optimistically looking forward to the 2021 Olympic Games debut of skateboarding continuing as planned. Skateboarding as an official event has been a long time coming as the pastime’s public image slowly evolved from its early days of illegal backyard-pool skating to today’s arena-filling competitions. In an era where the majority of independent skateboard shops already struggle with fierce competition, an Olympic debut could not have been more perfectly timed. Now, with a worldwide pandemic playing out in real-time, TITAN Skateboard Tools’ founder Don Holm is just one of many scanning the daily headlines. “We still have plans to go to Tokyo and support our riders and promote our patent-pending tool. The product is unique and the world’s skaters still have a need for it. The event is like a shot in the arm for the industry, and even though it is delayed another year, we will continue to grow. It may not be as quickly as if the event happened on schedule, but that’s out of everyone’s hands. It’s definitely unfortunate for skate shops hit hard by quarantines. It goes without saying that individual’s health affected by this corona-virus is even more tragic and our sympathies go out to them.” Holm launched the start-up TITAN Skate Tools just last year in 2019.

There are approximately 85 million plus skateboarders worldwide, and roughly 20 percent of those are females. The market has an estimated worth of nearly $5 billion and is growing in developing countries. An example of this is depicted in the film Learning to Skate in a Warzone, which documents the positive benefits of skateboarding in the lives of young girls in Kabul, Afghanistan. The film was awarded the BAFTA for Best British Short Film (Documentary) and the Academy Award for Best Documentary (Short Subject). Another year delay for the Games means more females are likely to take up skateboarding.

A silver-lining for some skateboard brands is that for some, their pro riders might be on the cusp of qualifying due to their ages or abilities, and with an extra year since the Games are delayed, it could spell more opportunity. Legendary skateboarder and founder of H-Street Skateboards, Tony Magnusson, is a strong mentor of young skaters around the globe such as Ruby Lilley, aged 13, and Japan’s Yuro Nagahara, aged 14. The delay of skateboarding’s Olympic debut seems it could affect these riders and his Alpha Girls initiative in a positive way.
Clearly skateboarding’s appeal will continue to grow. In TITAN’s case, its founder adds, “We’re in a good place with or without the Games debut happening on schedule. We’re very fortunate to have legends like Bucky Lasek and Dave Duncan, “the Voice of Skateboarding”, posting on social media we’re their favorite skate tool.

Skateboarding is all about innovation, whether it’s tricks or the evolution of skate tools and hardware.”
It seems that the best advice for the time being is to honor local social-distancing mandates in everyone’s area so that this can pass as quickly as possible. People helping each other is important. As skaters take to online shopping to pass the time, each can make an effort to support their local skate shops. In the case of TITAN Skateboard Tools, this also means shops making an effort to support skateboarding’s newest brands, and taking the initiative to test new products from skater-owned companies.

“We have the TITAN skateboard tool already in 7 countries and nearly 50 skate shops. Blue Tomato, which is owned by Zumiez, is a great partner for us. It is worth noting that growing up skating, our fondest memories are of going into the local skate shops and seeing all the decks in person, the local skaters who ripped, the latest videos for sale and so on. Community starts with people and the more shops that can thrive the better.”

TITAN Skateboard Tools has locations in Los Angeles and Nice, France and is still currently able to fill orders. Dealer and media inquiries should be directed to or +1 323-739-5498 in North and South America. EMEA/APAC inquiries can be sent via email or received at +33 6 60 60 94 39. Further information is available at or @titanskateboardtools.