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Preparing for your Virtual Interview

August 17, 2020

Keep in mind, while you're interviewing from home, your interviewer(s) might be in the office.

The world-wide shut down we’re in just catapulted us forward in how in-person job interviews are done. Video interviews have been around for quite a while as well as static, one-way recorded interviews. This will prove to be a permanent gamechanger. That’s opinion yet to be validated, but if you consider how much more efficient it is on the side of a company recruiter or interviewer, and how common it is now, why give up that efficiency? Exactly. We can probably expect a lot more of this style going forward. Here’s a fast five on putting out your virtual A-Game.

1. Be familiar with the platform you’re using. Take time to learn the technical aspects of it. A great idea is to set up mock interviews with a friend. Put yourself in both the interviewer and interviewee seat so you know what the experience is like from both points of view. It’s worth your time. Most likely this is how interviews will be happening for a while. You don’t want to be scrambling to figure things out in a live environment.

2. Make sure you have a nice background, good lighting, and a good camera angle. It seriously is important and it’s how you’ll make a first impression before a question is even asked.

3. Dress for success. We work in a casually industry and that’s a perk, but you definitely want to dress the part. Sure, you could just dress your top half and wear shorts or sweats, but what if you stand up for some reason. We say get dressed from head to toe like you’re going in person. Get in the zone of that feeling.

4. Open your meeting link a 1 to 5 minutes before it starts. It’s better to be first than last. Consider it to be the virtual lobby you’re waiting. Don’t be too early though. No earlier than 5 minutes ahead and don’t be late.

5. Do all of your standard pre-interview preparation. You know the drill. If you don’t follow this Google link to a bazillion articles on interview prep.

Remember it’s always a good idea to proactively apply to jobs and network with people in your industry.