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Luna Bags Product Launch

August 25, 2020

Jennifer M. Woodson is a textile expert and consultant in the fashion industry.

We are excited to share the recent launch of Luna Bags! Jennifer at JMW Textiles has been working with Luna Bags for over a year, sourcing and developing materials, vetting mills, and digging into what often seems like an abyss of sustainability claims. All of the hard work and team collaboration has paid off with a successful product launch.

Say NO to GREENWASHING! Many consumers want to make eco-friendly purchases, but what does that really mean? It can become a bit of a web to untangle, but with the right questions and insistence on documentation, we can determine if the "eco" claims made by a brand, mill, or factory are aligned with brand standards and expectations. At JMW Textiles, we work closely with mills and manufacturers to document and confirm not only the content and claims of the materials, but also the performance of each material to ensure longevity.

Luna Bags has embraced the slow fashion movement, so these materials have been developed to stand the test of time. As part of the movement, Luna's uni-sex bags are designed and manufactured to last. Please do not buy a new one each season, instead, keep this bag for as long as it is useful to you.

No time to rest! While the launch has been an exciting time for everyone, we are already deep in the trenches for the future products. We are reviewing our value chain to determine where improvements can be made, looking for innovative materials that are aligned with the brand ethos, and reviewing designs to ensure maximum material yields and potential deconstruction when the bag is ready for a new life. We hope you will join us in the celebrations!

If you are looking for sustainable material sourcing or development for your product line, or any other creative need, please reach out to JMW Textiles at and we will be happy to discuss how our services can help your brand.