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September 8, 2020

CLEAN Cause has just announced their new Western Vice President of Marketing - Donovan Dresti who comes from a wealth of beverage experience to where he led a large brand team and achieved numerous marketing awards during his tenure at Red Bull North America. Donovan most recently was the Founder of Platform1 Marketing to which specialized in advising beverage brands to achieve their goals through a tailored 360 marketing approach. Donovan says “I am very excited for this opportunity to be a part of an amazing brand at CLEAN Cause, that has a great give-back model and a clear mission. We just completed our business planning cycle and am excited to bring those plans to reality both in the short and long term”.

The Austin-based beverage company was founded in 2015 with the mission to create awareness for and help fill the transition gap in the rehabilitation cycle for alcohol and drug addiction. CLEAN’s giveback program gives 50 percent of its profits to support individuals in recovery via “CLEAN Kickstarts” sober living scholarships.

CLEAN Cause beverages are a sparkling, USDA organic, Yerba Mate with 160mg Better Caffeine™ in each can, available in eight low- and no-sugar flavors. Yerba Mate is said to provide long-lasting, sustained energy without the undesirable side effects of coffee or energy drinks.

CLEAN Cause founder and CEO, Wes Hurt, is an entrepreneur, person in recovery, and man on a mission. He founded CLEAN Cause with the commitment of creating a sustainable source of funding to support recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. “The trends we’re seeing of sober-curious lifestyles and notable public figures opening up about their battles with addiction allows a conversation to take place globally,” said Hurt, “This is the greatest epidemic our country has ever faced. A big problem requires a big solution. And for us, it needs to be a sustainable one. Hence, our giveback business model. We’re super pumped to bring CLEAN Cause to SoCal, allowing us to spread our product and our purpose.”

To date, CLEAN Cause has given back over $650,000 to its CLEAN Kickstarts program, granting more than 1,300 sober living scholarships. CLEAN Cause is currently available online, at Whole Foods Market, Walmart, 7-Eleven, AMPM, and select retailers nationwide. For more information visit