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Fast Five: Build Momentum in Your Monday, Week, Job Search, and Career

October 26, 2020

The term “dead in the water” can be oh so real on Monday morning. After a weekend of unplugging getting plugged back in can be hard. Here are five ideas to help you (and us) stop floating around and quickly build momentum whether it’s to do your current job in quarantine / work from home or find a new job, these ideas can help.

1. Make easy and achievable goals to start your day. Drink coffee? Check. Empty your inbox from everything that accumulated over the weekend? Check. Leave the house on time? Check. You’re already kicking this week’s ass and the momentum is building. If you can drink coffee, empty your inbox, and leave the house on time, what can’t you do?

2. Organize your most important to-dos for the week. Write’em down in lists. Maybe you have a few different lists: work to-dos, home to-dos, staying healthy to-dos. Do you have more to do than you thought you did?! It’s important to make sure you believe all of this is achievable and most likely it is. Having a list that spans personal and professional responsibilities helps create balance. We have to take care of ourselves in a way that will lead to productivity and progress.

3. Say no to stress. That can be a tough thing to do! And it’s a great thing to do. We can work our way through the week and through life in a way that doesn’t hurt to keep going. A wise person once said, “pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.” Realizing we have a choice there is key. “Yeah, it’s a lot of work, but I will stay focused, do the best I can, and as much as I can, but I’m not going to succumb to anxiety.”

4. Review your progress and make adjustments if necessary. Now that we’re well into the week, say it’s Wednesday, it’s time to review that list. See if all those things are still important, make updates and modifications, take note of your accomplishments, think about how to close the week out strong.

5. Get a head start on next week. One of the easiest ways to get grounded on a Monday morning is to make that Monday list on Friday afternoon. That’s when we’re most plugged in to what we do – ideas, effort, and focus are all flowing. Make that list so you can cut through it like a hot knife through butter.

Hope you enjoyed this little article and if you found it helpful please share it.