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Shelter Layering Systems To Distribute In-House

May 2, 2005

Shelter Layering Systems To Distribute In-House

May 2, 2005, Portland, Oregon—Opting for smart growth upon solid foundations, and keen control of all aspects of the company, Shelter Layering Systems will fulfill 2005/’06 NA orders in-house. It’s a business decision to best serve the emerging brand and those specialty retailers valued for their kind support. First season sales following a launch at SIA showed buyers got the UNDERPOP?.

It’s recommended that orders previously placed through C3 Worldwide or independent sales representatives be re-confirmed either by that sales rep or by Shelter directly at (503) 781-8193 and Delivery window of August–December remains in effect.

Shelter Layering Systems, LLC is a Portland, Oregon based company of modern agendas, and style-driven function for cold-weather action. Handsomely sported by Louie Fountain, Gabe Taylor, Darrell Mathes, Jussi Tarvainen, the lovely Chanelle Sladics, and friends …