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A Lesson in Swiss History & Bike Industry Manufacturing from DT Swiss

May 20, 2005

A Lesson in Swiss History & Bike Industry Manufacturing from DT Swiss

(May 20, 2005) Most people in the Bicycle Industry don’t pay much attention to the history and traditions of other countries unless there is an epic race that takes place there.  Several people have called DT Swiss recently to inquire about where our products are being manufactured. 

The question arose when they saw the designation listed under product origin, and incorrectly made a conclusion about the meaning of the letters CH.  These people assumed that CH stands for China and they are confused because we advertise our products as being manufactured in Switzerland.  One industry veteran even wanted to cancel his order because he didn’t want to purchase a product that was manufactured in China and was upset that we were misleading in our advertising. 

At DT Swiss we feel that there are many high quality products coming out of China, but we don’t want people to be confused as to where we manufacture our products.  DT Swiss products are manufactured in Switzerland, or in the case of spokes, also the United States. 

The term CH actually stand for “Confoederatio Helvetica”  (Latin for Helvetic Confederation) which translates into English as Swiss Confederation.  The Helvetii were an ancient group of people who occupied what is now Switzerland in the 1st Century BC and were defeated by the Romans, thus the term CH for Switzerland.  The Swiss Cross was originally derived from a banner of the Holy Roman Empire and traditionally stands for freedom, honor and fidelity.

So you see, it is possible to combine bicycles and history and learn something in the process!