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Flow HQ Completes move to San Clemente CA

July 7, 2005

Flow Headquarters Relocates to San Celemente

July 1, 2005- San Clemente, CA
As of this month, Flow, the San Francisco based manufacturer/distributor of snowboard boots, boards, and bindings, will be San Francisco based no longer.  The company has migrated south to join the action sports industry’s unofficial headquarters in Orange County, CA.  What prompted this move was a need for expansion, not only of the office space, but also of the warehousing and shipping facilities.  Since the opening of the San Francisco office in 2003, the company has gone from five employees to 15 employees, and has had to expand into the neighboring office to adequately accommodate everyone.  The new office in San Clemente is an impressive 18,000 square feet, which includes it’s own in-house warehousing facility. (In years past Flow has used third party logistics centers for order fulfillment.) The new facility will hold more than 30 employees, in addition to the warehouse staff.  With the addition of the attached warehouse, the company expects that it's customers will see a marked improvement in order efficiency and overall customer service.

"This move represents a great stride for Flow," said company President Anthony Scaturro "We searched for a comparable facility in San Francisco, but it being an older city, it didn't have what we were looking for to fit our needs. Now we have a world-class facility in the heart of the action sports industry.  We are stepping up to a more professional atmosphere and the company will have significantly more control of our global and domestic logistics."

Flow will not be the only name on the marquis of the new building. "The Pryde Group", the banner which now encompasses all of the brands and business units of Flows parent company Neil Pryde Ltd., will also adorn the front of the building. The Pryde Group is comprised of Flow, along with her sister companies Cabrinha Kites, JP Windsurfing Boards, Neil Pryde Waterwear, Neil Pryde Windsurfing Sails and Bic Surf boards. The company will maintain its Miami warehouse which houses the sales team for the watersports divisions. Having the east and west coast facilities now sets the Pryde Group up to be able to receive products from Asia and Europe on either coast and to be able to service domestic shipping needs in a more cost effective basis while reducing transit times to customers.

Although, the winter has been tough on the snowsports business this move is indicative of the strength of the Flow brand and its sister companies.  Flow in particular has seen double digit growth since it was created in 1995. While most companies are scaling back their operations Flow is stepping up and leveraging all of its brands to create a powerful and efficient distribution infrastructure. "We are putting the necessary mechanisms in place to manage and drive growth in our brands" said Scaturro.

Since 1995, Flow has been producing innovative snowboard hardgoods.  As the first and original producer of the reclining highback binding, Flow introduced to the world a new wave of binding technology.  Over the years, competitors have tried to imitate this patented design, known as the Flow Power Triangle, although none have seen the same success.  Today Flow is known for it’s ease of use, comfort, and advanced control gained when using their bindings.  Most recently, Flow introduced “Triple Threat Technology,” a system of boots, boards, and bindings designed to heighten ease of use and control when used together.  The success of Triple Threat was evidenced this year by the excellence of the Flow Pro Team.