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July 11, 2005

When skateboarding was created as an alternative to surfing, the Action Sports industry was born.  During the 1960s & 1970s, skateboarding quickly joined surfing as a Southern California underground sport, which quikly grew to a nation wide status. Pioneers of the sports doubled as the entrepreneurs of manufacturing companies geared their efforts toward action sports gear and apparel. Within a few years these manufacturers were in a booming market; an annual growth of 100% + was not uncommon. The young Action Sports industry, however, hit some bumps and was rocked by a steep decline in sales and popularity. Before long, only a smaller group of enthusiast and companies kept the industry alive.

By the mid 1990s, however, a new boom was underway. Using the roots established thirty years earlier, the industry was able to maintain growth and popularity. Revenues driven by both veteran and newcomer companies exploded into the multi-billion dollar level. Companies became top performers by establishing a unique identity and style, which relied on the contribution of each person of a company, from receptionist to president.

This distinctive identity is a double edged sword. It makes finding new employees who match a company's identity, style, and culture difficult. The most effective resource to find talent is through employee referral and when this avenue fails, companies must turn to outside resources. Popular sources such as,,, Apparel News, LA Times, and the OC Register are commonly used by Action Sport companies but fail to meet the unique needs of the industry. One company representative told us that she posted an add for an International Sales position on HotJobs which specifically stated industry experience as a requirement; she said out of 200 resumes only 2 had the absolute requirement of industry experience.

The Action Sport Industry has an urgent need for candidates who have the right qualifications and match the companies' identities, styles, and cultures. Using a recruiting resource that is responsive to those specific needs will be more efficient and cost effective.

Malakye is the recruiting resource for which the Action Sports revival has waited.

Malakye is able to accommodate the industry's specific hiring needs by providing Action Sports companies with quality candidates who are passionate about the Action Sports industry and possess talent, aptitude and the industry experience necessary to fulfill a company's vital needs.