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Flow Launches 05 - 06 website!

August 18, 2005

Flow Launches the new 05 - 06 website!

August 17, 2005- San Clemente, CA
Today is the first day the general public can catch a glimpse of Flow’s 05/06 product line on their freshly launched website-  For your viewing pleasure, this year’s site, just as last year, is rich with graphics and animation.   Not only does the website have new features, the products do too- for instance- have you ever heard of Color Fusion?  It’s a process only Flow uses on their bindings, no one else in the industry has this technology.  Check out the website for the new Amp 9i, the Pro FS-I, and the Pro FS Camo for a taste of what this process can do for your bindings.
You’ll also see team bio’s for all the Flow Team Riders including Antti Autti, Risto Mattila, and Scotty Lago.  Downloadable images, screen savers, and backgrounds of all the riders are also available.  Want to keep up with the team throughout the season, and hear things from THEIR point of view?  Check out the site for the Team blog, written by the Team Manager, Andrew Mutty.  You’ll even see occasional entries from the riders, so you can hear, see, and feel through their eyes.  Want to know what they’re riding, where they’ve been, where they’re going?  It’s all on the site.

Now here’s the biggest question- do you want to win an entire set up?  Check out the Flow rider ad’s in any new Transworld Snowboarding magazine for the address of the webpage that contains the entry form to win someone’s set up- Antti, Risto, Scotty- we’ve got ‘em all.  Throughout the season, we’ll be giving away 5 complete set ups, so don’t miss out.  It’s as easy as finding the site, and filling out the form-  you could end up with a set up valued up to $900!  I think that’s worth 30 seconds of your life.  The ad’s start in the current issue of Transworld, and will continue for the entire season.

Flow is the originator of the reclining high-back binding, since it’s beginnings in 1995; Flow has been the leader in sales of this technology.  Over the past ten years, in addition to perfecting the reclining high back, Flow introduced it’s own line of boots and boards, which have seen increases in sales every year.
Today Flow is known for it’s ease of use, comfort, and advanced control gained when using their products.  Most recently, Flow introduced “Triple Threat Technology,” a system of boots, boards, and bindings designed to heighten ease of use and control when used together.  The success of Triple Threat was evidenced this year by the excellence of the Flow Pro Team riders, Antti Autti, Risto Mattila, and Scotty Lago.