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November 15, 2022

Carlsbad, Calif. – Building off of the success of its summer launch in sunglasses, the highly rated SPY+ Optic HAPPY BOOST™ Lens Technology is now available in their Marauder collection of goggles for skiers and snowboarders. HAPPY BOOST is a proprietary lens technology that SPY+ Optic developed using artificial intelligence to create a lens that enhances color 30% more than the naked eye and twice that of any premium snow goggle on the market. First introduced in select SPY+ Optic sunglasses in June, the new HAPPY BOOST snow goggle lens will be available in the Marauder ($240) and Marauder Elite ($310) goggles for the upcoming 22-23 winter season.

HAPPY BOOST is an enhanced version of the award-winning, therapeutic SPY+ Optic HAPPY® Lens technology, the only lens tech tuned to boost mood and alertness. Most snow goggle lenses saturate colors unevenly and mute the white point seen by the eye. While some premium lenses can enhance color and contrast 15% more than the eye alone, they do so unevenly and to the detriment of other colors in the spectrum. With 30% more color and contrast enhancement, HAPPY BOOST provides a visual experience twice that of any ski or snowboard goggle on the market.

The Marauder goggle features the SPY+ Optic Deadbolt™ Lens Change System, one of the fastest and most secure goggle lens change systems on the market. Magnets embedded in the lens guide it into place on the frame of the goggle, while locking levers bolt it into place. The frameless design of the Marauder offers an enhanced level of peripheral vision and venting that makes it almost impossible to fog. The Marauder Elite ups the ante even further with a tapered Toric lens for ultimate visual clarity, and additional magnets that provide an even faster lens change experience.

The artificial intelligence used to create HAPPY BOOST sampled over 10 million unique lens combinations, factoring in all visible colors, different times of day, weather, and other factors that affect the perception of color while on the mountain. Using this data, SPY+ formulated a new lens design at the molecular level to enhance color evenly, maintain an optimum white balance, and still include their proprietary HAPPY Lens Technology to boost mood and alertness.

“We changed the industry with the original HAPPY Lens, but when we introduced HAPPY BOOST sunglasses over the summer, we pushed the boundaries further of what was possible in sunglass technology. Loyal fans of SPY+ Optic, as well as retailers and product review media, all recognized that we set a new bar for sunglass lenses,” commented Joe Freitag, SPY+ VP of Brand. “Now, with HAPPY BOOST in the Marauder and Marauder Elite snow goggles, we’re changing the way people see again, but this time on snow. We are always striving to help our supporters have the most epic outdoor experiences and the AI used to develop HAPPY BOOST helped us develop a lens that would never have been possible using preexisting methods.”

When the original HAPPY Lens was released in 2013, it was the first therapeutic lens technology to optimize the amount of beneficial long-wave blue light to pass through to the eye while blocking the short-wave blue and UV rays that are detrimental to health. The result is specifically tuned to enhance mood and alertness. HAPPY Lens Tech paired with the level of color enhancement and contrast of HAPPY BOOST represents a major leap forward in eyewear.

The HAPPY BOOST snow goggle lens will be available in an Ice Blue Mirror Lens for bright days, and a Low-Light Coral Lens for overcast days, on both black and white versions of the Marauder and Marauder Elite goggles.

The entire HAPPY BOOST collection can be seen online at, and the HAPPY BOOST snow goggle collection can be found online at and through the global network of SPY+ retail supporters.

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