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Shelter Advances Sales Support

October 25, 2005

Shelter Advances Sales Support

Portland, Oregon--Shelter is proud to welcome the effective representation of regional sales reps to our collective. Scott Downing, John Graham, Rich Smith, Walter Lacey, Peter Harvieux, Wayne Dills, Jason Smith, and JJ Katlett become a part of the new modern agenda. It is years of expertise, insights, and relationships that they individually bring with them to increase brand and product presence, and provide ongoing retailer support.

Shelter delivers its forward lines in first layer, socks, and necessities to premium shops across North America for the 2005-'06 season, early November. Open availability for existing accounts and new ones, as well, is limited by design. Check with one of Shelter's talented reps to stock-up on the UNDERPOP.

Reps may be reached, accordingly:

Scott Downing

John Graham
Northern California - Northern Nevada

Rich Smith
Southern California - Southern Nevada - Arizona

Walter Lacey

Pete Harvieux
Great Lakes - Midwest

Wayne Dills
New England

Jason Smith
Northeast - Mid Atlantic

JJ Katlett

For further information  800 998-8973 (U.S.) /
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