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Flow Hires New Art Director, Designer

November 15, 2005

Flow Hires New Art Director, Designer

November 11, 2005, San Clemente, CA.- Flow, the San Clemente based manufacturer distributor of snowboard bindings, boots, and boards has gone through a complete restructure of their once slim design department.  The move from San Francisco to San Clemente brought about a larger office, an attached warehouse, and the need for more personnel to accomadate the needs of the growing brand. The addition of Dan Watts as Art Director and Troy Doney as Senior Graphic Designer, brings two heavy hitters to the Flow Team, and has brought the creative direction of the brand back to the fold.  Projects that were previously outsourced such as ad design, photography and softgood design will now be done in-house.

Jack Coghlan, International Marketing Manager for Flow is happy to see the changes begin “Dan and Troy both come from similar backgrounds, and have been in the action sports industry for a while.  They are familiar with what our market demands, and have shown proficiency in predicting what is going to work well in their designs in the past.  Last year was a rough year with the growing needs of the brand, and only one in-house designer.  This year I’m already feeling very confident with two very capable design professionals at hand”

Dan Watts, the new Art Director, is an industry veteran.  Before joining Flow, Watts held a position with DC Shoes as the Publications Graphic Designer; he has also worked with Transworld Business Snow, Surf, and Skate as the Art Director, and before that with Surfing Magazine.  Watts is excited to be a part of the Flow organization, “To be managing the visual direction of a brand at the beginning of such an emergence, is a very exciting thing.  I’m looking forward to the challenge ahead, and I’m enthusiastic about lending my creativity to the look and feel of the brand.”  Dan will be responsible for creating a consistent visual message throughout all of Flow’s marketing pieces, in the U.S. as well as internationally.

Troy Doney, who has been brought on as Senior Graphic Designer, is also no stranger to the action sports world.  With a similar background, Troy also came from DC Shoes where he worked as International Advertising Layout Designer, before DC Troy worked with Transworld Skate and BBN as Art Director, Troy also worked with web design firms before starting at Transworld Business.  Because of his extensive web design work, Troy has been asked to focus on web advertising and marketing at Flow, he will also be taking over the softgood design which previously had been outsourced.  “I like working with a company the size of Flow, I feel it gives me more freedom in my design than I have had previously.  Dan and I work really well together, and I’m excited to take on this new position with him.”

Flow is the originator of the reclining high-back binding, since it’s beginnings in 1995; Flow has been the leader in sales of this technology.  Over the past ten years, in addition to perfecting the reclining high back, Flow introduced it’s own line of boots and boards, which have seen increases in sales every year.
Today Flow is known for it’s ease of use, comfort, and advanced control gained when using their products.  Most recently, Flow introduced “Triple Threat Technology,” a system of boots, boards, and bindings designed to heighten ease of use and control when used together.  The success of Triple Threat was evidenced this year by the excellence of the Flow Pro Team riders, Antti Autti, Risto Mattila, and Scotty Lago.