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Scores of New Brands Pack ASR with the Latest Trends

December 15, 2005

Scores of New Brands Pack ASR with the Latest Trends

ASR, doubles the size of Boost Mobile’s Gold Box Mission giving emerging brands a place to shine

Laguna Beach, CA (December 15, 2005) – ASR’s reputation as ‘the place where trends start’ continues this January with an influx of the hottest emerging labels on the market. The Boost Mobile Gold Box Mission is back, packing in almost twice the number of fresh brands. With promising brands both in the ‘Box’ and across the floor, retailers will have countless opportunities to fill orders with their established labels, while picking up some new ones.
“New brands help keep the entire market fresh,” says Kevin Flanagan. “Buyers are always telling us that one of the reasons they attend ASR is to find the ‘next big thing’. Highlighting newcomers in the Gold Box and on the floor keeps the whole industry thriving.”
Get a first look at new labels in Boost Mobile’s Gold Box Mission. Many of the brands feature artist driven designs and limited edition product. Strand Mfg, Atticus, Amadeo Decada, the ryde, Convoy, Beck(y), Andria Renee, Dangerous Breed, Lovethislife, Ambission Clothing, Mada and Player420 are some of the brands making a Gold Box debut. Scot Shandalove, Founder of Strand says, “We’re excited about meeting with the specialty boutiques and ‘core skate shops who are shopping ASR this season to diversify their assortments and carry a new premium collection.”

In September, retailers searching out new looks throughout the ASR floor made a point to stop by the Gold Box Mission. “I looked at all the brands in Gold Box Mission, it was excellent to find them all in one place. I even found one brand that we are going to pick up,” Ron Adbel, Owner, Jack’s in Huntington Beach said after checking out the area.

New-to-ASR heavy hitters such as SHUT and Grn Apple Tree will be shaking things up on ASR’s floor. SHUT out of New York City is showing skate influenced apparel and hard goods for fall. There are over two-dozen new brands signed on so far for ASR, including other New York based brand such as Fever Flips and Brooklyn Surfer.
“ASR has cross country traffic that we’re looking for to expand beyond southern California,” Luis Pulido, Owner of Gnr Apple Tree. Grn Apple Tree will bring a combination of edgy cut and sew and artsy t-shirts to ASR.
Brands such as Salt Optics, Lil Punk, Austus TRKY and Ed Hardy Surf are returning to the popular Boost Mobile Gold Box Mission. “Buyers come in to find up-and-coming brands in a place where small brands are put on a pedestal, we can shine here.” Says Dan Stafford, Co-Founder of TRKY.