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Hardcore Action Sports Film Studio, 10th ST. BROS., Joins the Allyance

February 6, 2006

Hardcore Action Sports Film Studio, 10th ST. BROS., Joins the Allyance
South Laguna Beach, CA, February, 3, 2005 (PR Newswire)
Allyance, an innovative designer and marketer of premium quality sports and lifestyle apparel, gear, and entertainment, announced today that it has joined forces with 10th Street Bros by acquiring an undisclosed but significant interest in this Action Sports Film Studio.

10th Street Bros, an award winning Action Sports Production Company, has developed a cult following with its hilarious takes and insights into the manic world of Action Sports. The studio has produced dozens of both short and feature length movies featuring a combination of great action sports footage and reality type lifestyle footage within the action sports genre. 

“With their hardcore authenticity and edge, they are the ideal partners to produce the many features, commercials, documentary shorts, and TV programs we intend to produce and distribute.  We knew they were perfect the first time we saw one of their films.  We spent half the time in awe of the unbelievable athletic feats and the other half folding over laughing and crying”, commented Allyance HQ. “We are so stoked that we’ve joined the Allyance, together we will create the hottest stuff on the market.  Their idea of getting real time feedback and support from our members is awesome and will guarantee that we produce a really sick final product. The Allyance has it figured out and we are super excited to be a part of something so epic”, added George Bryan, Partner of 10th Street Bros.

About Allyance:
Allyance is a designer, manufacturer and marketer of apparel, gear and entertainment rooted in the action sports lifestyle.  Through Alpha 6 Distributions, LLC, Allyance distributes premium, cutting edge styled products under the Allyance brand name, integrated with a multi-media celebrations of the Action Sports Lifestyle. This synthesis of gear, entertainment, and consumer empowerment centered on an action sports lifestyle represents a unique business model in the fashion industry.   The company’s current products are focused on surf, skim, skate, snowboarding and motocross enthusiasts as well those consumers who wish to be part of the broader action sports lifestyle. The company intends on adding additional sport specific gear, lifestyle apparel, training videos, camps and entertainment in these and many other sports categories. Current products include men’s, women’s, and youth outerwear, beachwear and street wear, bags, accessories, and feature length and short films. The Company has a unique design approach that includes input from Pro and amateur athletes, industry professionals and consumers (turned members) via its interactive website,, to insure that its edgy styling is grounded in the constantly evolving lifestyles of the Action Sports World.