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Himaya’s US Surf Team Swells

February 16, 2006

Himaya’s US Surf Team Swells

The Beach. February 8, 2006 – At the recent Surf Expo trade show in Orlando, Himaya was inundated with surfers looking for protection – and not from the chaos at the Volcom booth.  Florida surfers Tommy Orsini, Danielle Clow, Oliver Kurtz, Matt Turner and Patrick Madsen can now feel safe in the sun.  So can Kyle Langen, Adam Knox, Pat and Mike Millen, Eric and Evan Geiselman, Nick Jiampa, Evan, Trey, Cody and Tristan Thompson, Ben McBrien, Will Skudin and long boarder Tommy Witt.  All of these surfers have sought out the protection provided by Himaya’s micro zinc oxide sunscreen.

SPF 60 Added to Product Line

For those in intense UV environments or people with ultra sensitive skin, prior sun damage or tattoos, Himaya Sports Sun Protection has added an SPF 60 Sports Formula to the product line.

“If you’re just lying on the beach, you probably don’t need this product”  says Dave Schmidt, Himaya co-founder.  “But, if you’re prone to sunburn, have had prior skin damage removed, or just want to use the maximum, then this is the perfect product.  We see most people using this on those parts of the body that get the most exposure; ears, nose, cheeks, back of the neck” he added.

Sports Formula 60 uses a combination of UV filters including a high concentration of micronized zinc-oxide which provides excellent UVA and UVB protection as a reflective physical block without leaving your skin white.   Zinc-oxide UVA protection helps prevent long-term damage and premature aging. Used in conjunction with chemical UV absorbers, Sports Formula 60 provides coverage across the UVA-UVB spectrum.  It is also waterproof, sweatproof, won’t sting the eyes and leave hands dry.

Himaya Sports Sun Protection is a premium sunscreen currently available in SPF 15, 30, 45 and 60 and a skin-revitalizing Aftersun.  Using a high concentration of micronized zinc oxide Himaya provides outstanding broadband protection but does NOT leave a white residue on the skin. Himaya leaves your hands dry, is all-day waterproof and sweatproof and will not sting the eyes.  Himaya has just introduced an SPF 35 zinc-oxide lip balm and SPF 15 lip repair balm.

Himaya can be found in a growing list of smart surf shops.

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