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February 22, 2006

Well, it’s getting down to crunch time.  This Thursday, February 23rd, the Transportation Corridors Agency will vote to officially determine the alignment for the 241 Foothill South extension.
As you all know by now, if constructed as planned this project will result in profound and permanent damage to the San Mateo Creek watershed, including harm or loss of seven endangered fish, bird and animal species, visual blight and dramatic decreases in water quality.  Additionally, according to the TCA’s own engineers, this project will likely result in a disruption of hydrology in San Mateo Creek, which could result in “significant loss of surfing resources” at Trestles.  The project will also result in significant compromises to both the Donna O’Neill Land Conservancy and the San Onofre Beach Park’s San Mateo Creek campground
This will be the last chance for you to make your voice heard while before this critical vote goes down.  
The Surfrider Foundation has set up a Save Trestles Action Alert, which will send your comments directly to Governor Schwarzenegger. Encourage him to join Attorney General Bill Lockyer, the California State Parks Department and various local representatives in asking the TCA to not build this project through San Mateo Creek, and instead consider other, more viable alternatives.
Simply go to you wish you may add more to the pre-written letter or simply just fill out the fields and click “send.”
Action Alert tools such as these can be highly effective!   Their success depends on you taking two minutes of your time and filling it out.  
We also ask that you send it to at least two people who you know will do the same.

This is it guys – the groms are depending on us to preserve Trestles for them!  Please click on the link above and ask the Governor to help Save Trestles!
Your friends at,
The Surfrider Foundation