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Help Fight for the Future of Skateboarding in California

March 2, 2006

Help Fight for the Future of Skateboarding in California



IASC has been involved for many years in trying to help get skate parks built by decreasing the liability to cities, allowing them to build skate parks without fear of lawsuits.  The current law in place, SB994, has restrictive pad laws that are mandatory for cities to enforce and many skateboarders are put in a constant conflict with law enforcement.


Skateboarding statistically has fewer injuries than many other sports, but is one of the only sports with state mandated safety equipment.  This newly proposed bill would give further liability protection to cities and remove the mandatory pad requirements from the state law.


We need your help in getting this bill passed!  IASC is asking its members and anyone enjoying the skateboarding culture to find every skateboarder & skateboarding supporter in California and get them to write letters, send emails, or make phone calls to their Senators

and Assemblyman in the State of California in support of SB1179.


Other organizations supporting this bill: The Southern California Skatepark Coalition, SPAUSA, USA skateboarding, Skaters for Public Skate parks, California Parks & Recreation Society




WHAT CAN YOU DO? SEND AN EMAIL- IT'S EASY! And forward this to everyone you

know who  supports skateboarding!


STEP 1: To get in contact with your state and  local representatives click

the following link: 

STEP 2: Enter your zip code and click "Search" (This brings up your

Senator and Assembly person's info) 

STEP 3: Click on the name of the  representative (this should take you to

their homepage)

STEP 4: For  Senators- click "YOUR FEEDBACK" or "CONTACT"-- For your

Assembly person- click  "EMAIL"  which is generally located under

"contact" (send the letter to  all of the contacts!)

STEP 5: Enter your information in the blanks (name,  zip, etc.)

STEP 6: You might see a pull down menu w/bills listed- The issue  may not

be listed - but if it is, click SB1179 and click  "support"

STEP 7: Copy the letter below and Paste it into the  "comments" area on the

representative's web site and add your name in at the  bottom.


THE LETTER: Copy and paste this letter, Feel free to add  your own comments

and any important info about you, your business, or  your interest in your



RE:Support SB  1179:


I am urging you to support SB 1179 proposing that  skateboarding be added

to the list of hazardous recreational activities in  Section 831.7 of the

Government Code, and to repeal Section 115800 of the  Health and Safety

Code. Section 115800 has been successful in reassuring many  public

entities that they can operate skate parks without fear of lawsuits. SB

1179 is a logical next step in support of California's 2nd fastest growing

 recreation. There are 12,000,000 skateboarders in the United States and

only  approximately 2000 skateboard parks for these skateboarders to

safely  participate in their sport- supporting SB1179 will help even out

these  statistics in California.


In 1998 Health and Safety Code 115800  mandated safety gear because injury

statistics were unknown. In 2003, the U.S.  Consumer Product Safety

Commission found skateboarding is safer than  basketball, football, and

bicycling. California has no health and safety code  guiding the norms of

these other recreational activities and attempting to  legislate the

wearing of safety gear in a skate park is problematic, if not

discriminatory. The Commission goes on to warn; "The more serious injuries

 that result in hospitalization typically involve a crash with a motor

vehicle." Skateboarding is safest on surfaces of a well-designed skate

park.  Please do not push our kids into the streets and parking lots where

they can  be put in harms way.


Adding skateboarding to the list of  protected recreational activities is a

much needed step toward encouraging  litigation-shy officials to build

skate parks in California, and bring the  growing number of young skaters

in off of our sidewalks and streets and into  safety of these skate parks.

Skate parks can be a remedy to the decades long  clash between law

enforcement and the skateboarders, as skaters are  increasingly banned

from public areas.


Skateboarding is an  activity that can be accessible to everyone and the

demographics of  skateboarding show that it appeals to all colors, ages,

and income levels.   California, as the cradle of this activity, should be

the leader in  enacting laws that embrace the sport and it's participants.

The young people  of California need the protection of a

community-gathering place where they  can skateboard out of harms way.

Endorsing SV 1179 will help give California's  youth a place to practice

the sport  safely.





IASC- Pushing Skateboarding Forward

About IASC: The International Association of Skateboard Companies (IASC),, is a non-profit organization that represents the United Voice of the skateboard industry. Driven by skate industry leaders, IASC‚s goals include; Promoting skateboarding, Increasing participation, Education, and Saving members money.