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Liquid Force's March Madness

March 13, 2006

Liquid Force's March Madness

Aaron Reed and DVS…a first time for everything in New Zealand

There were many great photos shot and tons of video footage captured… To name a couple from Aaron Reed, there was a backside tail slide, blunt slide as well as a front board slide big spin. Fortunately, you will be able to witness the event that took place in Orakei Korako in an upcoming limited special issue of Alliance Wake. The issue will also come with a DVD featuring the event.  The slide show of pics and more info is available at  Word is they have a video documenting the whole thing for us to enjoy.  Keep a shortcut to the DVS site handy for sure.

Liquid Force hires future art director…

Congratulations to LF art director Ray, and his wife Keena Cruz. They gave birth to our future art director Keenan Cruz Tuesday night at 7:10pm! Keenan is 8.5lbs 22in long, healthy and has more hair on his head than Ray.  We can’t wait to see Keenan out wakeboarding, riding motorcycles and working side by side with Ray in the art room.

Payson Gutt inks a deal with LF…

Special thanks go out to former LF rep, now K2 Skis marketing guru, Mike Gutt, for locking down a lifetime contract with Payson Avery Gutt to the LF Team.  The contract was signed on 2/11/06 at 7:07 PM.  Liquid Force V.P. Don Wallace was excited about the new addition to the team, “We’re extremely happy to have Payson on the grom team. I’m very happy for the Gutt family and their bright future.”  

Jason Coop joins the Liquid Force Team!

“It just felt right at this time” and “I am truly honored to be a part of the team...I struggled with injuries in 2005 and I am healthy and so stoked for '06!" Jason Coop has been a staple in the Utah Wakeboard scene, and we’re stoked to have him on our team. Jason runs Good Times Wake School with Session’s own, Jason Kimball.  See more at

Kurt Robertson is home and telling stories of Maungasweb…

The Wakeboard Camp of Orlando is glad to have long time coach Kurt Robertson home and back in the nest.  He spent the winter, actually summer for him, back home in New Zealand.  He’s been sharing stories of epic journeys across the lush and beautiful country side of NZ.  They include mind blowing surf sessions, pristine lakes, and all girl wakeboard clinics.  What more could you ask for?  To find out why he would come back, visit

California Watersports…Ramping up…

Located directly off the 5 freeway in San Diego CA the Carlsbad Lagoon,, is hard to miss.  Throw in a couple rails, pools and a winch…traffic will back up for miles.  The California Watersports/Wakesports crew is setting up a preliminary rail demo March 10th to pump up the huge event coming to Del Mar fairgrounds March 8-12.  FM 94.9 will be on hand spinning music, rocking out and providing the play by play.  

Shawn Watson, Shane Bonifay, Collin Harrington, Kevin Henshaw, and others...
...will blow up the rail jam event held at the legendary and beautiful Del Mar Fairgrounds in San Diego, CA beginning March 15th -19th.  ESPN and Pro Tour announcer Jeff Barton will be on the mic and camera to narrate the crowd pleasing best trick format.  Hosted by Fred Hall and backed by industry leaders Wakesports Unlimited and Liquid Force this event is going to be unreal.  Competing for over $6,000 the professional athletes will bring wakeboarding to a whole new demographic of boaters.  For more show info and event schedules, like the awesome fishing expos and demos, visit