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Freeride Magazine (FRM) Annouces the Launch of White Magazine

May 17, 2006

Freeride Magazine (FRM) Annouces the Launch of White Magazine

New name reflects the bold, edgy nature of the nation’s first ski & snowboard magazine

Park City, UT – On the heels of a successful first season, FreeRide Magazine has done the unthinkable: changed its name to WHITE Magazine.  Success breeds success, and the winning formula of athlete-driven, reader-focused content inspired a new branding effort to better unite the culture of winter using what else?  Snow, of course.  It's the unifying medium for gravity-powered snowsports.

WHITE delivers a core focus of big mountain riding, and draws inspiration from Utah’s famous backcountry.  The local breeding ground of our younger audience, including freestyle terrain, rounds out the pyramid of on-snow content.  WHITE transcends sport and delves into Utah’s winter culture, rewarding readers with gripping stories and awe-inspiring photos, while continuing to inform and educate.