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USA’s Premier Young Surfer, Dane Reynolds, Signs With Monster Energy

June 15, 2006

USA’s Premier Young Surfer, Dane Reynolds, Signs With Monster Energy

One of the surfing world’s rising young superstars will be rockin’ 
Monster Energy’s green “M Claw” logo at surf events around the 
world beginning this summer.

CARLSBAD, Calif., (June 15, 2006) – Monster Energy proudly announced today that they have hooked up with one of the top young surfers ever to come out of California, and possibly the U.S. for that matter, Dane Reynolds.

The 19-year-old kid from Ventura has already established his name in the surfing arena all over the world. As cool as they come and with a background resume that commands respect even when matched against the most seasoned professional surfers. Reynolds first appeared on the global surf radar in 2001 at the age of 16 when he won the National  Scholastic Surfing Association’s Western Championships. The following year Reynolds stood high on the podium  when he won the 2002 NSSA Open Men’s Division National Title. He later went on to win ASL’s “Next Big Thing” award (’04) and became the youngest surfing competitor in the 2005 Summer X Games.

2004 also provided an early career highlight for Reynolds when he 
took out the legendary Andy Irons during a man on man heat in Round Two of the 2004 Boost Mobile Pro at Trestles, which was no easy task.

With his arsenal of lofty aerial acrobatics, fin free gouges, and 
deep barrel charging there is no wonder as to how he earned his 
reputation as the world’s most exciting free-surfer to watch. This 
statement was first made by the 7X World Champ, Kelly Slater, and has been restated in every major surf magazine around the globe time and time again.

Some shared words from the man himself. “I was stoked when Monster Energy approached me,” said Reynolds. “I’ve been drinking the original Monster Energy for some time, so it was a good fit right away. I definitely look forward to representing this summer, turning my buddies and surf spectators onto Monster Energy whenever I can.”

With his new movie First Chapter coming out this summer, keep an eye on Monster Energy’s Dane Reynolds as he continues to blow up around the planet.

Monster Energy supports the sport. Be it surfing, motocross, skate,
snow, wakeboarding, BMX – name it – the athletes are rockin’ 
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flavors – Original Monster Energy, Monster Lo-Carb, Monster Assault and the new Monster/fruit juice hybrid called “Khaos.” Dane